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Zostań administratorem tej strony. Szukamy osób zaradnych, z inicjatywą i chęcią zrobienia czegoś pożytecznego dla swojej lokalnej polskiej społeczności. Sprawdź koniecznie teraz pozostałe korzyści i napisz do nas.

The four words no parent wants to hear: 'Your child has cancer'

Cancer charity CLIC Sargent hope six-year-old James Duffy's story will highlight help needed for thousands of families dealing with cancer

Police launch search for missing teenager Bonnie Clarke

The 14-year-old, who has links to Caerphilly and Newport, went missing from Bristol on Thursday night

Nato Summit 2014: Hundreds take to the streets of Newport in protest

An estimated 1,000 people have been marching through the centre of Newport, mong them Stop The War and CND supportters

How a doctor was forced to endure Hitler's company before his Jewish wife was murdered by Nazis

Surgeon Paul Bosse's grandson Heini Gruffudd reveals his family's tragic past and how his mum escaped to Wales

Ink-redible! Cardiff tattooist starts in US tattoo reality show

Chris Jones, who owns Physical Graffiti tattoo parlour on City Road, Cardiff, travelled to Oregon in May to film the 10-episode series Epic Ink

So, is it REALLY safe for your child to play rugby?

The warning that every Welsh parent should read as scientist calls on British Medical Association to campaign against the game

St John says 'Harry Potter' defence lawyer is 'not a member' of its Order

Judge David Wynn Morgan asked the lawyer why he was wearing colourful ribbons and badges on his gown

Cardiff 10K: Commonwealth Games star Frankie Jones to sound the horn and start this year's race for thousands of charity runners

The Welsh gymnast, 23, will set thousands of charity runners off to pound their way through the city's streets

Nato Summit 2014: From 9,500 police officers to counter-summits, here's everything you need to know about the gathering of world leaders

The summit is both an unprecedented opportunity to sell Wales to the world and a monumental security challenge

Six weeks paternity leave so dads can spend time with their young children: That's the promise from the Lib Dems today

Nick Clegg's party pledges to give fathers the chance to take an extra four weeks off

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